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Shikkoku no Sharnoth in English… this time for real September 7, 2011

Posted by sharakael in Wants to play.

After my last post, I sort of given up hope that I’d ever see Sharnoth in English… I’d periodically check back only to see that no progress had been made, and decided to just give it up altogether.

And now, suddenly, out of the blue, the English fan translation patch is out. I’m excited about this, I really am, but this is happening at a very bad time… as work has been busy lately, and I doubt my manager would give me the day off to savour Sharnoth.

…long holiday coming up in a few weeks’ time, so I can use that to play… guess I have to delay finishing Bastion.


Shikkoku no Sharnoth English translation! November 17, 2009

Posted by sharakael in Wants to play.

I was trying to decide what game to play next, when I saw my copy of Sharnoth sitting on the bookshelf… felt rather reluctant to play it, mostly because I only found out that there’s an English translation patch (in progress) for Sekien no Inganock only *after* I finished the whole game. …made me wish I’d waited a bit more to play it, so I can just play it in English… but anyways. (I’ll most likely replay Inganock anyways just to pick up on the small details I’d missed due to my limited language skill… for example, seeing this video, I realised that I didn’t even know that Ghee had a pocket watch…)

Thinking about whether or not I should play Sharnoth, this time I thought I better Google for any possible translation project… and actually found one. My face was something along the lines of   (@__@!  ) …I had then run off to tell all my friends, none of whom really understood (or cared) what the fuss was all about. So here I ended up in… I guess.
…so yes. This time I’ll sit back and wait to play Sharnoth (and check and re-check the site obsessively).

I just thought that I’d post about it, since it’s the first time I’d heard it, and I wondered if other people knew about it…

[Liar-soft] Sekien no Inganock September 28, 2009

Posted by sharakael in Good, Japanese Eroge.
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Inganock BG

Inganock BG

Inganock is a town that had  been reborn. 10 years ago, out of nowhere fog enveloped the whole town, isolating the town from the outside world and changing its inhabitants… in a moment the population was decimated, society broke down and those that survived discovered that they slowly changed… some grew claws and ears and tails, some grew fins and their lungs slowly turned to gills, some grew beaks and their arms slowly turned to wings… and some simply descended into madness or commit suicide to escape. And the fog wasn’t the only thing that happened; out of nowhere monsters appeared, resulting in devastating destruction and engraving fear into the remaining population of Inganock before they suddenly disappeared. Rumour was they were destroyed…

The society that appeared in the aftermath was one that was carved out of chaos. The town got divided into layers, with the upper layer occupied by the more influential people, whereas the lower layers were squalid and poorly maintained; the lower the layer was, the worse the living conditions would be. The upper layers had mansions with well-manicured gardens and luxuries, whereas in the lower layers children worked in factories and it was common practice to adopt orphans to earn money by sending them to work in factories. The ones who retained their human shape; the ones whose outer appearance had not been changed by the fog, emerged as the new ruling class, the new ‘nobles’ of Inganock who lived in the upper layers. And the leader was the one called the Archduke, a scientist(?) who’s at the forefront of research into finding a method to save Inganock, who lived in the highest tower in the upper-most layer.

Ghee, the main character, made a living being a freelance doctor. He’s one of the few whose outer appearance wasn’t changed by the fog and for that he’s entitled to the nobles’ privileges, but he decided to disregard all of these and became a freelance doctor, going around treating people in the lower layer for what would basically amount to ‘free’. The story started on the day Ghee met a little girl who would only tell him her name and nothing else…


JAST USA, I LOVE YOU! July 3, 2009

Posted by sharakael in Financial Blackhole.

I almost fell over backwards when I read this piece of news. Nitro+! And Jingai Makyou! JAST USA, I love you!

…sorry for the outburst. Ever since I saw Jingai Makyou I prayed fervently that it’d get licensed, although I thought to myself probably no company would want to license it… (I was guessing that the licensing fee would be too expensive).

Now where’s that pre-order button…? My long-suffering credit card would gladly suffer more for this one. I waited 13 months after placing my order for Princess Waltz to arrive at my doorstep; I don’t mind waiting even longer for Jingai Makyou… (please, please, if any JAST USA people read this, please have some sort of a limited edition which bundles together game + OST, or alternatively sell the OST separately, please?).